The Free Lives traveling exhibit has a single WIN - to build awareness of the global issues surrounding human trafficking so that individuals are convicted and know how to take a step toward personal action in alleviating this global problem.

Letter from Director


Our team is extremely excited to share one of this year’s strategic objectives with you, a project called the traveling Free Lives exhibit.  

You may recall the first interactive experience we hosted in 2016 around the Refugee Journey.  We were amazed to watch as people waited hours to take a moment to step out of their lives here and step into the life of a Syrian refugee and the journey of being displaced from their home.  What may have surprised us even more was the number of requests from organizations and universities to use the exhibit after its use at the GMHC. Our team learned two valuable lessons from that project.  The first is that these exhibits are powerful and do help us wrap our minds around global issues.  The second was a need to create these in such a way as to be transportable and reusable.  

This year we launch the Free Lives traveling exhibit. This resource is designed to walk individuals through one of two stories (a domestic sex trafficked girl and an international labor trafficked boy).  Our team has been designing this project for over a year and we are excited to see it taking shape.  But we need your help!  As we dive deeper into this project, we are seeing greater needs in order to bring this to life in a manner that does justice to this topic and allows the exhibit to be sustainable.  

We would like to invite you to help support this project by considering a general donation or sponsorship.  Please consider assisting us in this project to help bring greater awareness to this issue.


Will Rogers

GMHC, Executive Director